Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rumble Roller time

It has been MAD busy lately in my world, so sorry for such a long drought without a post!

I've been killing it with my workouts the past week which has resulted in some sore glutes lately- but only sore, not painful.  I've been icing and the whole nine yards to try to keep them happy and they have been staying sore and not painful.

Until yesterday when I thought a spin class would be fine- silly Colleen.  After about 5 minutes into the warmup my left hamstring/glute area was starting to tell me to STOP!  And I listened.  I know, a round of applause is clearly in order.  Honestly, thought it was very difficult for me to stop and not just push through it.

I walked and did some light running upstairs around the indoor jogging ring while Adrian finished with his personal training session.  When I got home I iced several times like a good girl even though icing your glutes/hamstrings is not a super pleasant experience in case you've never done it.

It's a bummer to be resting a second day in a row- especially when both days I actually had the time and the desire to workout....but it's important that I keep listening to my body.   Well there is one thing my body was very happy (and miserable) to receive today from my wonderful sister:

Probably not a comfy pillow....
YES- she got me the RUMBLE ROLLER!!

O yeah, very exciting.  I even test drove it in her living room with her roommates quite amused perhaps by my pain noises and expressions.  This is not your grandmother's foam roller people- it's hard core. And that means that if you have a knot- it will go after that sucker till it's last dying breath.  So of course, I rolled my glutes, hams, and IT band (holy ouchy!) while I barely concealed the sweet agony.

In case you are wondering why I am in Philly tonight- it's because I get to take the lovely (sarcasm people) drive up to Wayne, NJ tomorrow to present a client experience workshop.  I have to be there at 9:00am and it is northwest of NYC so every minute closer I could get tonight the less I have to drive tomorrow morning.  I'm spending the night Wednesday night then presenting the workshop again on Thursday before having to drive all the way back home Thursday night.

It's going to be a long and exhausting rest of the week....wish me luck!

What is your most frequently used recovery method or tool?  For me, I value stretching, foam rolling, and icing when I can talk myself into that last one.  I'm not as consistent with icing as I could be.


  1. I have only foam-rolled one time, after my workout with Gene Snitsky for the documentary. It was painful to say the least! I can not imagine how that torture device feels! We do need a foam roller for Van 2, so I may have to rig one or break down and buy it.

    1. Try it again- it can be painful initially and take some time to get used to it but I feel like it makes such a difference in my recovery

  2. I love how you listen to your body and ice your muscles!! You are probably preventing SO much!

  3. I'm glad I decided not to get that for you for Christmas. lol