Friday, September 13, 2013

Good week getting back in the swing

So my week easing back into working out has been's what it looked like:

Saturday: 30 minutes on the stationary bike at LA Fitness, followed by 10 minutes of basic ab routine on a balance ball.  Kept the resistance low and yet still got a mini sweat on.  Yeah...humbling moment.

Sunday: 25 minutes at LA Fitness on the stationary bike before church.  Same low resistance of a 2-3 and feet felt good.

Monday: repeat! lol another 30 minutes on the stationary bike at LA Fitness- this time the hills program at a 4 resistance.  A little boring, I know.  But Colleen needs to ease in....

Tuesday: Rest day.  See, I can ease in!

Wednesday: lower body strength training!  After a great podiatry apt on Tuesday followed by a good talk with Barb about next steps, I felt ready for some strength training.  I had to force myself to take it easy and only do one set.  I was glad because even with just one set I was a bit sore by Friday!

Here's my routine, with some pictures thrown in for fun.  This workout requires very little equipment: a balance ball, and circular resistance bands.  Cheap and I can do it at home ;)

- Balance Ball wall squats- 15 reps

- Traveling lunges- about 10-12 each side, I wasn't counting well

- Side Steps with hard band- about 20 steps each side

- Clamshells- 2 progressions with the light band around knees, 15 reps on each side

- Reverse Leg Curl on Balance Ball - 12 reps

- Calf Raises- 10 reps slow, 10 reps fast of 3 different foot positions: straight, toes in, toes out.  This was WAY too much!  My calves were tight like rocks Thursday and Friday.

- Abs: all on balance ball- 25 straight crunches, 25 left oblique, 25 right oblique, 25 straight crunches

And then I ended with a nice long stretch!

Thursday:  60 minutes on the stationary bike at LA Fitness! Yeah....a big jump.  Adrian was there for an hour for a boot camp class (Go Adrian!!) and I just took it each minute at a time and felt comfortable doing the whole hour, so I did!  Hills routine ranging from a 5-6 resistance.  Very light in comparison to my old typical of nothing under a 10 resistance.  I have to remember to ease in, though.

Friday: 30 minutes of walking outside around LA Fitness, then I did the lower body strength training routine from Wednesday, with a few more reps on some.  Traveling lunges I increased to 15 on each side (and I counted).  Side steps with the hard band, I did 30 steps on each side.  Clamshells I did the same 2 progressions and 15 reps, but with the medium resistance band.  The light bands just felt too easy on Wednesday. I didn't do the reverse leg curl at all, I did a little different ab moves but the same number, and I cut way down on calf raises- just 15 straight slow and controlled.  I don't want my calves to feel like rocks tomorrow on my hike.  And of course a good stretch to round it out.

I felt really good leaving the gym today.  I'm proud of myself after this week!

So, I don't usually post my workouts for everyday- is this something you guys would like to see or you couldn't care less? lol.  Let me know!


  1. I will try these balance ball exercises with my new balance ball! I liked hearing about your workouts. It gives me ideas for my own!

    1. Balance balls are great- there is so much you can do with one!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks,'s progressive but moving in the right direction :)