Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This week I've been in and out of Northern Virginia, in Fairfax, to help with a new hospital opening.  I've been facilitating and co-facilitating with a coworker since Monday.

And every single day there have been a plethora of these in the room:

Mars Chocolate Obviously 

And a bunch of other snacky junk.... It's been sheer torture.  I indulged a little on Monday with a delicious donut and some skittles.  Then a lot on Tuesday with brownie bites, mini cinnamon rolls, and chips....yeah. Bad Colleen.  

But this morning...I woke up and got 20 minutes on the recumbent bike before my feet started to bother me and I had to stop. And then I totally dominated the day with a very clean, completely meatless day.  Zero donuts, brownies, cookies, chips or candy.  And the temptations just kept hitting me in the face...and I kept saying no.  Success!!

After getting done about 5ish I made it through some nasty DC area traffic to a local Weight Watchers meeting.  That really helped me finish out a good day.  It was a pretty small meeting, and they were asking people to share where they felt they were on their weight loss journey.  One option was a success story.  She so happened to ask me where I fell and I said that I was very proud to be a success story.  When I shared my weight loss everyone was shocked and amazed.  It's been months since I felt that wave of embarrassment and then excitement to being asked to come up to the front and share my story.  It was...incredible.  All day I have been teaching about feeding your engagement bucket.  I had no clue how low my weight watchers engagement bucket was. It was exactly what I need to remind myself that this is just a small setback on my ongoing, lifelong journey to be healthy.  I am confident that once I am over these injuries, I will get these extra few pounds off and feel that much better.

So, how full is your happiness bucket?

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