Saturday, September 7, 2013

Top 10 tips of how to combat boredom eating

After 2 weeks of dealing with post- elbow surgery recovery.... boredom eating is an all too recent and frustrating struggle.  For me, it's harder for me to handle than emotional eating at times.

I managed to get myself to a weight watchers meeting on Wednesday (yes driving by myself with my cast.  I was desperate...and very careful) and I brought up boredom eating as a challenge and asked for their help on some different ways to combat boredom eating.  They had some great ideas that I incorporated into my own.

1.  Exercise!  This is my favorite go-to boredom buster, as I'm sure you all can attend to.  With my foot issues the past 2 months, it's been tough not having this release for me.  One thing I have been able to do: abs! Y'all know I am a big P90X fan, so I've been pulling out Ab ripper X and also doing crunch variations on a balance ball.  Just find something you like that will get your heart pumping and you won't want to eat junk afterwards!

my favorite- P90X Ab Ripper

2. Get creative! Whatever this looks like for you that will put your brain to creative thoughts.   I like writing, crocheting, and years ago I played the flute (crazy, huh?).  I would actually love to pick up the flute again, I was quite good and enjoyed it. :)  Somebody at weight watchers suggested painting or drawing, which I thought was a fantastic idea for those who have more drawing talents than myself (zero in case you were wondering).  Basically, do something to stimulate your mind, and your hands ;)

Cute penguin! And no, I'm not this good

3. Read a book! Right now I'm reading through The Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin.  I gotta admit that the series can be slow at times, but when it picks up, I love it!  Reading is a great mental distraction and I just love getting lost in a good book for a couple hours. You forget about food, it's fantastic.

Current read- awesome book!

4. Call a loved one.  Call a friend or family member and catch up!  Not only an opportunity to distract yourself and get your mouth working in other ways, but also an opportunity to connect. :)  After all, who doesn't like to talk? ;)

5.  Play with your pet!  There is no greater food inhibitor than having an adorable fur-ball sprawled across your lap fast asleep or purring.  Or if you have a dog take them for a walk or play with them.  Instant gratitude!

You would never dare to disturb me!!
6. Have a snack if you are hungry- just make it a healthy one!  Carrots, either plain or with a little hummus are an awesome crunchy and filling snack.  Another great one is grapes- cold or frozen (takes longer to eat) are great poppable and also never fail to fill me up quickly.   Grapes to the rescue

grapes! yummy!

7. Listen to music. Fire up your favorite album or itunes playlist and enjoy!  You could even get a little crazy and dance around ;)

8.  Do chores.  This isn't always fun, but when you put on some good music and start moving around your house will soon look better, you were active which is always good, and all of a sudden it's been 2 hours and you didn't even get a food craving.  Impressive, huh?

There may even be some fringe benefits ;) cute cartoon!

9. Join a recreational sports league!  I'll give full credit to my darling husband, Adrian, with this one.  This is a fun and active way to meet new friends and have some outdoor fun.  He has done softball and now kickball leagues and has met some fun and friendly people while exercising- great combination!

10. Volunteer in your community.  This was a great idea from a weight watcher member, thanks!  Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor you could help around the house or a soup kitchen you can volunteer your time at.  Plus giving back to others has fringe benefits- you feel good, too!

United Way is one of many great ways to get connected :)

What is your boredom eating bust?


  1. Great tips! I will definitely keep them in mind next time I want to grab something to eat because I'm bored.

    I just found your blog, and I'm starting a weight loss journey myself! You have a new subscriber! Check out my blog when you have the time! :)

    1. Thanks for following, I just added you as well- can't wait to read about your journey! :)