Thursday, September 5, 2013

The healing power of Dr. Ding!

Yes, animals are powerful healing agents!  Thanks to Amanda for the great post idea, I very often turn to animals for company, comfort, fun, friendship, and their love.  In high school, all of my creative outlets (other than my music) had to do with animals.  Especially when it came to writing.  Looking through some old high school stuff last month I found this creative publication from high school called Dysplexia.  What do you think the majority of my submissions were about?  Here's my favorite one.  And remember this was written in high school so be kind.... lol

Me and Bobby, High School
I tell everything to Bobby,
He's a sounding board for me,
He's comforting, quiet,
And he always agrees with me.

He is also thankful to me,
For taking care of him,
For feeding him,
For putting a roof over him,
For helping him,
And for understanding him,
Just as he understands me.

We take walks in the woods, 
And we go jogging in the fields,
We laugh quietly to ourselves,
As we have fun jumping,
Over obstacles,
All kinds of them, too

I shiver with delight,
As we go off riding into the sunset,
I think of how I can tell everything to him,
I think of how a great friend he is,
And I think,
What a great horse he is.

Bobby was my first horse love, and when I was having tough times (which we all know are plentiful in High School) he was my most trusted confidant.  We had so much fun together, and I learned so much about partnership and humility from him.

Well, Ding has been so wonderfully entertaining and clingy at times which has been great for my bored and temporarily limited self.  There have been studies done to show the healing power of animals and some great videos to show examples.  I've seen it with my own mom after her multiple different cancer treatments and the profound impact her dogs Bella and Candy have on her happiness.  Not to mention Sunshine, an adorable orange tabby, who will cuddle right to her chest as she naps.  Bella herds the horses to help my mom and warns her with barks when they are acting up.  In truth, animals are amazing!

Just check out how much Ding loves to keep me company :)

Making sure I am icing during my first 2 days
Curling up in bizarre positions to make sure he's close 
See what I mean about bizarre positions?
Super cuddly today!
When there is no lap room, I'll just curl up here!
He really can sleep anywhere!

Dr. Ding comes to the rescue again for me! With no social visits for 2 days, I could have strayed into familiar feelings of loneliness and depression that seem closer when you are alone all day and stuck in your house with limited mobility.  Between Ding and watching the series "Sherlock", I certainly stayed entertained and happy!  Thanks, Ding!

Do you think animals have healing effects?


  1. Thanks so much, Ding, for helping your mommy! :-)

  2. I wish I had a more cuddly pet. Molly just wants to play if you show her any attention!