Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Elbow and foot update

Lots went down today....

I have a rental car right now because of a minor fender bender almost 2 months ago.  It was the other driver's fault and his insurance is covering the damages.  So, I finally dropped off my beloved Chase (aka my Honda Civic) this morning to get it all pretty again and have a functional trunk back.  I have a silver Kia something or other that luckily has satellite radio.  I love the alt nation station!

I had my first OT (occupational therapy) appointment after my left elbow surgery today.  I have this weird love/hate feeling towards therapy because since I've been to NRH so much they are like family, however being there means I'm injured.  It went well,and it also kinda hurt like a monster....which was what I was expecting.  It will be interesting to see how the measurements will differ from my right elbow, if they will, as the swelling goes down and as my range of motion improves.  It was so exciting when my right arm hit that zero angle (aka straight!) for the first time, and I am hopefully that will happen as well with my left elbow.

Last but certainly not least...as per Dr. Kindschi's (my sports med doctor) I went to a podiatrist that specializes in sports related injuries- specifically running.   He was humbling...a tiny bit of sugar coated on the brutal truth....and I'm so grateful.  These items were a bit hard to swallow yet necessary:

1.  This injury is because I switched to a minimalist shoe....

Hello Merrell Dash Glove

2.  That is because I weigh too much to wear a minimalist shoe without resulting in the exact foot injury I am plagued with, and that he sees all the time.  Apparently the average weight that would be appropriate for a woman to wear these shoes is 110-120 lbs. Really?

my thoughts exactly
Yeah...so that was a bit of a harsh pill to swallow, however it's a little reassuring that there aren't many women that would even fit that category

3.  So I need to stick with these shoes that I was wearing before that give me stability.  According to him these are mid-range shoes, as he doesn't think I need motion support shoe, just a stability shoe.   O yeah, with these cool super feet inserts in them.

Welcome back Asics 2170

4.  And I will be gradually building up over a ridiculously long time to get to long mileage again.... Also I will be doing ample stretching, strength training, and yoga.  With a good dose of cross training thrown in.

My mission is to be extremely slow with building back up my fitness, hone a good strength training program with lots of focus on core, stretch a lot, and throw some yoga in there for good measure.  Luckily I have support to help me, and some time to find the perfect shoe.

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