Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trying to woman up

I haven't posted since Ft. Lauderdale because I'm having a tough time...I kept trying to come here to write a post about it, but every time I try to put words to it I just get so frustrated and pissed off.

And then I realized that I need to suck it up and woman up.  There are so many people out there with such bigger struggles and injuries to deal with that I've been feeling guilty for being so frustrated.  With everything my mom has gone through in the past 3 years since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer....I needed some perspective and we had a great talk.  She brought up the fact that so many athletes have injuries and brought up several Olympians and said- see you are an athlete with problems that atheletes deal with!  Much love to my momma.

Having said all that....I am allowed to be frustrated, darn it!  My hamstring still feels like poo....I am actually seeing a sports medicine dr. about it on Thursday.  It's odd...I'm hoping he tells me it's just a strain but at the same time- I also want to hear a real diagnosis so I know WHAT to do so I can get back into my running sneakers.

Because...the last time I have run above a painful and stuttered mile was August 19th when I did 8, not totally pain free, miles around my neighborhood.

Nike- you are so right!

I never thought I would ever say this but I MISS running.  Like I feel like small part of my soul is missing.   Some look at me like I've lost my mind when I say this but I LOVE TO RUN.  Just 6 months ago I was just teetering on the edge of enjoying running but then IT happened.  That glorious run around my favorite hilly loop by my parents farm when I got back from my run and just....wanted to keep running. So I did.  It felt like magic, and ever since, I have been bitten by the running bug. HARD. 

Well said

Last week, I had to come to terms with not being able to run the Harrisburg Half-Marathon that I've been in training for months.  This seriously BLOWS.  I've had this specific half in my head since I went last year to support Emily and first thought to myself- I can do this.

So...I haven't run since August 19th.  The week after that I was still doing cardio- biking and elliptical but no running....and still having the same amount of pain.  So since August 28th I have only done swimming as cardio and no leg strength training whatsoever.  It has been nice mixing things up and has me thinking about going back to doing a triathlon again.  Perhaps an Olympic distance this time.  I just wish my gym had a deep water section- it does have a lap pool but it's only 5 feet.  I would love to do some deep water running but alas....laps will have to do for now.

Anyway, enough of my rambling complaining for one night.  I hope the doctor can help me out on Thursday and help me heal so I can run again.  SOON PLEASE!


  1. Even injured, you're in a much better place than you were four years ago. You'll be back out on those paths and trails before you know it. :-)