Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post from last week

So I really thought I had published this last week but apparently I suck....written originally last Monday.

This weekend was fun and Saturday was active and busy- just the way I like it.  I woke up raring to go riding at 9am to find out that Brianne and my mom had gone out and we were going to go later.  I was thrilled that my sister was riding so took advantage of the extra time by hitting up the elliptical at the gym for 45 minutes.  It felt good and reminded me why I liked working out when I first woke up- such a great way to start the day.

We purposefully brought the horses to an event at Fair Hill so Dancer and I could get some practice with dealing with crowds of people and horses- particularly the need to stand still for long periods of times.  I really want to ride him at Fair Hill International this year (for outriding- aka crowd control) like I did Piney last year.  I think he would be awesome....duhh.  Plus it would be fun to ride him at such a big event!  Mom and I talked a lot about a goal that she has set for me- taking jumping lessons with Dancer.  Funny thing about my mom- she shared the goal with her dog Candy's vet (a coworker of mine) before she told me.  lol

Before you get crazy ideas, I have no grand ideas of doing this:

 I just want to be able to play around and jump sometimes and not A- hurt my horse, B-fall off,  C- look like an idiot.  O yeah, and breaking my kneck wouldn't be good either.  And it might be fun to do a little competing and get back in the eventing scene.....not gonna lie....but that's not my goal.  yet.

Saturday night I got to enjoy a little girl's night in with the bff which is always fun because Adrian had other plans.  Mom wanted me to join her for church in Wilmington and it's just too far for her to drive by herself.  So, I crashed at the farm and joined my mom for a nice service on Sunday.  On the way home we stopped at one of my favorite stores- a tack store.  Dover Saddlery to be exact.  And I got hooked up with some new Ariat Concord Half Chaps.  They are beautiful, leather masterpieces and I LOVE them.  I love that they look like tall boots and especially LOVE that I can fit into Ariat chaps!!!  My calves have always been huge and I have never in my life been even close to fitting into their chaps in any shape or form- so just that is an accomplishment in itself! :)

If only my calf was this skinny....

Add on 9/25:

To continue with the horsie trend, I rode on Saturday with mom again.  I've ridden with her every weekened for almost 2 months and it has been fantastic.  Such a great stress relief and there is something about riding that works like a continuous foam roller on my glutes.  So it's therapeutic for the mind and body!  

Mom had a double chemo treatment on Thursday and she was very nauteous and seemed tired before we left but she really wanted to go anyway.  We had a nice 2.5 hour ride which pushed her to her exhaustion limit.  I really wish I could make the cancer go away or even know what to say when she is sick or upset or mad about her illness and treatments.  But the reality is....there is no good thing to say other than "I love you" and "I'm sorry" so that's all I really say.  After the grimness and utter terror of her initial diagnosis I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with her- especially on horseback which is when she really can forget all about the dreaded C word and enjoy her favorite thing.

So of course I ran Dancer a LOT.  Since I can't get my run on by myself (without physical therapy supervision which means 10 minutes a week), I've been thoroughly enjoying flying across the fields, through the woods, and back again on the gorgeous and magnificent animal that is Dancer!  He's such a blast and I feel that the more we ride together the more we really get a good feel for each other and it feels that much more natural and connected. <3

I love my baby!


  1. That's so awesome that you can spend quality time with your mom and help her get her mind off things. We went through all of that last year with my mom and her bladder cancer. You wouldn't know it by looking at her today, but she was not well last year, at all. Thank God they're getting through it!

  2. Jumping Colleen?! I'll buy a ticket for that! :-)