Sunday, September 30, 2012


Wow....I've missed writing lately, and I've made every excuse in the book as to why I didn't want to, couldn't, shouldn't, etc.  nnn

So....the shouldn't part I will explain as best I can because I feel that is a legitimate reason why I havne't posted.  Work has been very....stressful to say the least the past 3 weeks, especially the past 2 weeks or so.  Heck lets be honest- work has been stressful this entire year.  The stress has varied from normal work stress to extreme levels and back down again.   I don't feel comfortable talking about it due to the public nature of this blog but needless to say- I needed to stay away from my blog for a while when I was in the RAAARRR I want to scream stage of my stress so I didn't post something I would regret.

Angry kitty!
Yeah, I didn't want to turn into that monstrosity, sorry. So I was smart and just kept reading all my favorite blogs but dind't post in fear of writing something I would regret or starting a binging spiral.   It's odd how the majority of the time writing is very therapeutic, but sometimes you don't want to get the words out there because they make you face reality.

Well, one reality I have been facing lately is not being able to run.  It's sucked, but my body must have really needed it because it's responding well to the physical therapy.  My physical therapists have me doing a lot of stretches, long held yoga poses, and some strengthening work involving my legs and especially my core.  It's very humbling to find out you are basically a weakling and have crappy core strength even given all the work I have put in to both areas.  Humbling and frustrating.

The PTs have been giving me some running time at the end of my physical therapy sessions and it's not surprising how unsettling it is to run under scrutiny.  Although, having said that- it has been helping .  On Friday Mark had me running on the treadmill for an entire 10 minutes.  Yeah...very short time but that was a build up from my first run with them at 3 minutes.  The run on Friday felt good, like really darn good.  I'm working on so many things associated with my form sometimes it's really hard to keep it all in mind when I'm running.  But, if I just focus on my forward lean and cadence the rest seems to kind of fall into place.

So...that's all for now.  I'm sorry for my crappy posting lately- Hopefully I can find the motivation soon.


  1. I would hate to have my form criticized. It's enough for me to think about putting one foot in front of the other on long runs, let alone all the other crap they want you to do! Good for you for taking it easy!

  2. You'll be back to regular posts and long runs before you know it!