Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whoa Nelly

I am seriously having one of those nights....where I want to eat anything and everything.

 I realize in the grand scheme of Colleen's life, tonight wasn't the worst night, or even bad in comparison to old Colleen.  But I am no longer old Colleen. PERIOD.  I am nothing like her, and just thinking of how I was then and where my health was makes me feel nauseous. Or maybe that's the after affects of all the food I ate tonight....
Why are you so delicious?

Yeah, I destroyed some Stacy's pita chips and carrots and red pepper hummus....and 94% ff popcorn...and a huge fruit salad....and a weight watchers mini fudge bar....and a TBSP of peanut butter....and a 90cal fiber one brownie. That was all after my very filling dinner of a chicken soft taco, green beans, and potatoes.

Needless to say my tummy feels like this right now...

Actually, my stomach felt like that an hour ago and I very impressively ignored it and kept eating.  I know, you are thinking- why would you do that?


So what started this you ask, aside from the fact that I haven't been able to run during this beautiful fall weather?  Today I went to a ww meeting and had a gain ---> 1.4 lbs up!  I was expecting a gain soon but I've been cutting back on my food in response to my lower activity level.  But +1.4lbs?!?!  That just plain sucks- no ifs, ands, or buts. I can say all I want that I'll lose it- which is true- but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

So the entire drive from WW to the gym I was PISSED.  The meeting tonight was about changing habits and I got zero inspiration, which is rare for me.  Usually simply hearing affirmation of what other are doing really helps me but I really heard nothing inspiring tonight....and there was something about the leader that was just....fake.  She seemed nice enough, but I just didn't feel any warm and fuzzies PLUS I was feeling down about my gain, duh!  Not a good combination when what I needed tonight was either some inspiration or a kick in the ass.

I'm glad I at least drug my sorry butt to the gym tonight and got some (minimal) sweat out on the elliptical and tortured my abs through a max effort ab workout before doing my foam rolling and 20 minutes of stretching for physical therapy.  This whole not being able to do a difficult workout sucks.


  1. Makes no sense, right? Gain weight so we eat more? That's how my twisted mind works. Just goes to show you, there really is no cure, just doing the right thing for our bodies the majority of the time. I'm up this morning and I've been doing well, and then I got that sensation in the lower abdomen which made the light bulb go off... bloating, cramping, irratibility, "friend."

  2. Sorry I wasn't there to help distract you!