Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale part 2

So much has happen since I last updated about my adventures in Ft. Lauderdale.  In case you are feeling bored and don't want to read this long winded entry, here is the bullet outline.  I'm gonna break this up into a couple entries, I think.....

1. Lots of meetings, work, and political mingling 
2. Run in with the Atlanta Falcons
3. Mini beach fun
4. Flight was rescheduled, then got cancelled
5. Tropical Storm Isaac
6. Trying to make the most of it
7. Spending way too much $$ throughout!

So back to the original reason why I am in FL- work.  Meetings started at 8am every morning, ending about 6:00pm with dinner together (Aka still working) from 6:30- 8:00ish usually every night.   I both enjoyed and felt very uncomfortable with all the attention I was constantly receiving.  The best compliment I heard was from a coworker that told me along the lines of  "Colleen, you of course look awesome, fit, stylish and all that good stuff that everyone keeps talking about.  But, what really blows my mind is how you are positively glowing from the inside out.  You are so happy in your own skin and confident with how you carry yourself.  It's so refreshing and intoxicating to be around you."  WOW.  My jaw dropped when he said this to me.  I was speechless and a few tears sprang to my eyes he touched me so much.  I stumbled out a thank you and gave him a hug to hide my tears and get myself back in control.  My boss and several of top senior leadership (read: big wigs) not only noticed but also said similar things about my presence, confidence, etc that really touched me.  If this week didn't help my ego and prove why all my hard work was worth it, I don't know what will.

Now, I must explain the insanity that was walking through and meeting some of the Atlanta Falcons players Thursday night.  Point one- the Atlanta Falcons NFL team was staying at our hotel while they played the Miami Dolphins this weekend. WOW, our resort is the BOMB apparently.  Point 2- on the way to the gym at about 8:30pm (yeah, crazy late, I know) I ended up being the last person that security allowed off the elevators before they were completely taken over by the players and their security teams. So I walked THROUGH basically the entire offensive line of the Atlanta Falcons as they boarded my elevator I had just walked off.  Since I was pumped up for a workout, I was wearing a huge smile on my face (and snazzy gym clothes- thank goodness I matched for once! lol) so ended up receiving a bunch of smiles in return and a few "hellos" and eye contact. HOLY COW.  Go ahead, let that sink in and be jealous, I don't mind.

Atlanta Falcons, people!

Point 3- while working out in the best hotel gym I have every seen (I'm not exaggerating, it is fantastic) Falcons players kept walking in and out to check out the goods (gym equipment, people!).  And these 2 guys approached me to talk to ME.  While I was on the glute machine (only one of my favorite machines, I love to work on that area. lol).  They asked me if I've used it before and if I liked it (it is new to most gyms, they said and had never used one).  DIE.  I told them how I really liked it, and had just recently started using it, saying it was much smoother and easier on your knees that mule kicks.  They both laughed and wanted to take turns and have me show them how to use it.  They introduced themselves as players on the specials team- one of them was a kicker.  They might have said their names but I was in oblivion land trying to not pass out as I full blown oggled them and hyperventilated.  We probably interacted for less than 60 seconds and it was totally harmless and innocent but pretty much made me feel high for the next day. 

This is about how my brain processed the interaction: THEY. SPOKE. TO. ME. HOLY. CRAP.

The killer of this week has been- it's been perfect beach weather all week.  That is if you like 90+ degrees, 100% humidity with a light breeze.  O yeah, and bathwater temperature ocean with very calm waves- like ultra low tide all the time.  Until Adrian arrived Friday night.  But of course, we couldn't enjoy any of the awesome weather because all day was work. boooo.  Luckily, Friday was only a half day, so I did get to enjoy it a bit on Friday afternoon with some coworkers.  We kept getting caught in the rip current, though.  After getting pulled about a 1/4 mile from where we started and we weren't able to get back....we called it a day and got out and hoofed it back to our towels. lol.  We chilled out on the provided lounge chairs for well over an hour, talking about all number of things...and getting sunburned.  Fail.  I even bought $15 sunscreen and Alvaro helped spray my back before swimming (I wasn't selfish, I shared!).  Apparently I should have reapplied even though we never saw the sun, it stayed behind the clouds.   Not cool.  The rest of this weekend I have been dealing with sunburn on the middle of my back.  Again- not cool.

We did do some fun stuff to make the best of this weekend amongst Tropical Storm Isaac.  Adrian was really thoughtful and had flowers delivered directly to my room on Friday afternoon for our anniversary!!  I got back from the beach and they were waiting for me on my desk! So thoughtful and a stunning arrangement!  Adrian is really good at the romantic husband stuff for which I am eternally grateful!  Our anniversary was why we turned my work trip into a mini weekend vacation and anniversary celebration.  Banfield and Marriott hooked us up with the same rate Banfield got for the conference- $140 instead of the usual $400 a night rate.  Hooked up!!

Beautiful flowers from Adrian!
With that I will leave you with one last picture of the water during one of the calm periods in between squalls.  More to come from our adventure during Tropical Storm Isaac!  But here is a little teaser of the calm before the storm.  This was taken on the patio on Friday evening when Adrian first arrived. You can still see a little of blue sky and the winds were blowing but not too terrible yet.

The calm before the storm on Friday evening.
Stay tuned for Part 3!

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