Thursday, August 16, 2012

Personal Training

So after much conversation and debate between hubby and I, we decided to go for a personal training package at LA Fitness.

We have a lot of reasons behind our decision, in spite of the initial sticker shock and the overwelmingly bad experience we had with crazy head-trainer lady.  Dan was able to work out a better deal for us- especially with the initiation fee, which helped give me the extra push I needed.  When I broke it down it actually is the same price as the YWCA for us both to train, but we get a lot more.  It's the same price because we can both train for the same price- as long as we both go to the same session.  It's actually kinda cool working out together in that setting because it adds a competition element which y'all know I am all about.

And I'm not gonna lie- it's nice being told I am better than my husband in something :-P

So part of the extra element is full body evaluations which include strength and flexibility tests, monthly weigh ins, measurements, and body fat %.  This is when reality reared it's ugly head and I realized that I still wanted a trainer.  I may not need a trainer based on the level of my knowledge, but I need the continued motivation a trainer provides.  I enjoy getting pushed to and then past my limits.  The reality is- I like having a trainer and I simply do better with one.  This was proven immediately as soon as I started working out with Emily- I'm hoping I get another surge with my new trainer, Upinder.  Yes, hard name- but very nice guy and he is going to school for nursing.  I definitely could use somebody with a medical background to help with my constant injury issues. lol

And apparently, I need some extra help because my body fat % as of Monday is 30.4%!  Below is the rating system that LA Fitness uses.   According to it I fall in the "risky" category.  Frustrating after all my hard work!!

Female Body Fat Rating Scale

25-29 18.9%22.0%25.4%29.8% 
30-34 19.7%22.7%26.4%30.5% 
35-39 21.0%24.0%27.7%31.5% 
40-44 22.6%25.6%29.3%32.8% 
45-49 24.3%27.3%30.9%34.1% 
50-54 26.6%29.7%33.1%36.2% 
55-59 27.4%30.7%34.0%37.3% 
60+ 27.6%31.0%34.4%38.0% 

I gotta admit, though- I am confused because I've seen some other classifications as well, mainly this one below.

So, according to one, I am risky, according to another I am average.... Well, in the end Dan set a goal of being in the low 20s, which he thinks is reasonable for me.

What do you think is a better indication of health- body fat % or BMI?

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  1. Well, neither in your case because you rock and are a beacon of good health! The doctors at the hospital said so. :-)

    p.s. - You're better than me at a lot of things, silly bear!