Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running in Boston

I have so many great things to post about from this vacation so I'm just going to have to break it bear with me over a few posts. But of course, the most important thing to update on first- my running.

So...rewinding back to Wednesday when I went in search of a good spot to run around Torrington, CT where we were visiting George and Kyle.  I thought I knew what tons of hills looked like...until I got to Torrington.  I started running in Gettysburg so I know what hills look and feel like- but this town is crazy hilly but yet not in the mountains either!  To make it more challenging the roads were also horrendous (as in riddled with pot holes)- so there wasn't even good footing with all the hills.  So, I drove around and hunted and decided a good run through main street and this little mini park would work perfectly with some hills but better footing.  So I did my normal warmup of walking for about a quarter of a mile and a light stretch and felt good.....until I ran like 3 steps and my left hamstring went HECK NO! 

my legs said no!

It cramped like it was going out of style and would not quit.  I stretched and tried walking it out, but every time I started running again it was not having it.  So I decided instead of pushing through it and risking further pain (and not being able to do my long run later in the week), I headed back to their house and did what I know- stretched, foam rolled, and massage sticked the crap out of my legs.

I think George and Kyle might think I am crazy, between asking the waitress how many ounces my fish was and coming back from my run with my massage stick and foam roller in my arms.  Good thing I had good reasons for doing both those things ;)

So the big kahuna of runs this week was a solid 8.15 mile run along the Esplanade in Boston.  I took the 6:35am commuter train into the city.  Yeah, I know, crazy right? I got up at 6:00 am while on vacation, after going to bed at midnight after the Red Sox game (more to come about that game and food choices at the ball park later).

On the way into Boston on the train

 I got into the city at 7:10 and after a much needed bathroom pit stop (thank goodness for nice public restrooms) found my way to my running destination: the Esplanade.  The big challenge of this run which would come back to haunt me and make me quite nervous was the time restraint.  To return back to the hotel I had three train choices: 8:30 am (not enough time for sure), 10:10 am (way too late to get anything else done that day), or 9:10 am (juuust right).

Boston Esplanade

Although, I didn't take the above picture, it is a great view of my favorite part of my run, with the Charles River just out of site to the right of the trees.  There was a path in between this small water way and the Charles River that you could get to over cute stone foot bridges and I really enjoyed running there.  The weather was ok (upper 70s and humid) and I loved running by the Charles river around lots of other runners and cyclists!  I really wish the whole esplanade looked like the above picture, but unfortunately it just didn't. After the first 1.5-2 miles or so you were still running next to the water, but on your other side was not just traffic but a BUSY HIGHWAY.  There was only a simple, low railing that separated you and speeding traffic.  I had purposefully kept my music quite low because I wanted to experience the run more naturally and regretted it during this section- which ended up being about 5-6 miles of my overall run. 

I know, you are saying- why didn't you just turn up your music?  Honestly...I don't know, there were a couple times I almost did.  I guess the above reason still held true- I wanted to experience what it really was like running the Esplanade.   I wish I could have ran the Cambridge area of the Esplanade instead or as well because I think it would have been much quieter and more scenic- but it would have meant having to catch the 10:10am train which just wouldn't have worked at all for the rest of our day.  As much as I would have loved to just say "screw it" to the earlier train and run longer- my husband was a part of this vacation experience as well and we didn't come on it just so I could run. hehehe

I approve!

Tried out gu chomps strawberry flavor and they were tasty and easy on my tummy.  I like the consistency of gummys (think thick chewy gummy bear!) and every one I have tried sits well in my stomach.  Took at 2.5 miles, 4.5 miles, and 6.5 miles (ish). Also carried water, which was good when I choked on my chomp at mile 4.5 and had to use it to swish and spit big time. 

 Splits: mile 1: 11:33 min/mile. 2: 12:02 . 3: 11:51 . 4: 11: 56. 5: 12:06. 6: 12:03. 7: 11:57. 8: 12:17. last 0.16: 13:10 min/mile- lots of stop and go, crossing traffic, and some walking while trying to figure out how to get back to the train station.

Catching the train really made me very nervous near the end of my run.   Even though I was running a solid average that I always do for my long runs, the early bathroom pit stop and finding the Esplanade took up more time that I thought.  I had originally wanted to run 9 miles and at first I thought I still could, but I didn't calculate the times right and had to cut little spots as much as possible near the end to make the train on time.  Luckily I got there with just enough time to hit the bathroom before boarding- THANK GOD because there is nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom but being stuck on a train for 40 minutes.

Post run on the train!

I got some seriously funny looks on the train because I was positively dripping sweat and stretching in the isle- but they can hate all they want, because I was feeling GOOD.

More to come from our great trip to NYC/ CT/ Boston.....

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  1. Nice to see you didn't even break a sweat on your 8.15-mile run :-p