Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post from the air!

Again I bring you a post from the air…. this time on my way back from Ft. Lauderdale on Monday night.
Southwest for life!
This trip has been different than others in a few ways.  First off, I’ve never experienced a tropical storm.  Tropical Storm Isaac was pretty crazy in itself.  Second, it was a very interesting mixing of my work life with my personal life when several coworkers met Adrian.  There are a couple people that he didn’t meet that I am frankly grateful that he hasn’t yet.  He hates them even more than I do, so it would not have gone well.  Funny how much more protective your loved ones can be over you that you are of yourself.   I definitely feel the same way with those that love me and the people who treat them poorly.
 He did meet some of my most favorite coworkers, coincidentally.  One person in particular, who has been an inspiration on how to be stronger and more courageous in work and life, I am very glad he met.   She has become more than just a colleague, and I am grateful to have her in my life and consider her a friend.  Ironically, she says I am the reason why she has adapted a new healthy lifestyle and lost 30+ lbs with Weight Watchers.   Throughout the week three other people that I know of told me similar things and have lost weight successfully with weight watchers.  So awesome and humbling to be surrounded by such inspiring people!
Throughout the work week I was in awesome control of my food choices.  Our head honcho made that very easy with healthy choices abounds at every single meal and the MARS candy off to the side so it wasn’t always within site, save one day.  Also, unlike every other past meeting we have ever had, there was only one lunch and one dinner that had a sweet dessert!  All other meals had fresh fruit as desert.  This was seriously such a saving grace, I couldn’t even begin to express to our DVP (Divisional Vice President, the boss who organized the meeting) how grateful I was- but I tried.   Usually at these meetings you not only have mostly unhealthy options but dessert at every single meal with not much fruit.  Luckily the DVP is a health nut and avid fruit fan.  I saw him in the gym every morning which has become a running joke between us on the rare occasion we don’t see each other there during meetings.  Definitely a good joke to have with your boss!
The tide turned a bit when Adrian arrived.  We had received boxed lunches with a ton of fun size MARS candy in each for the road home on Friday afternoon.  I was smart and took some extra fruit, but what I should have done was toss the candy in addition.  Of course I ate it all.  All in all I probably only consumed one candy bar and about a dozen starbursts over the weekend.  In the grand scheme of life that candy was nothing and not a bad splurge in my eyes.  Except…. it was combined with lots of guacamole and chips on Friday night then cake and cookies on Saturday and finally chocolate cake and ice cream on Sunday.  Oi veh!!  In my defense, I made my same normal and healthy choices picking my main meals with choices like: grilled fish tacos, grilled chicken tacos, black bean burgers, lots of grilled fish, and egg whites with fruit for breakfast.  But those extras do add up, so I am a bit worried for my weigh in on Wednesday.  But hey, this is for life- I am going to go on vacation and want to indulge and I will continue to do so, in moderation.
I worked out all week as well, with only Saturday as a rest day.  My body was really feeling the need for rest and after getting a massage the last thing I wanted to do was stress it out.  So activity for Saturday was some beach walking and leisurely swimming in the pool once the storming settled down.  A-ok in my book!

Beautiful pool!

Speaking of my body needing rest, I am worried about my hamstring, particularly my right one.  At times it doesn’t feel only like tightness but pain also.  I haven’t run at all this week, only running a little over a mile on Wednesday night to see if I could get some kinks out- it didn’t work and I pulled up after a mile or so when it still felt uncomfortable and switched to the elliptical.  The stiffness and pain seems to be focused right where my glute is connected to my hamstring- which is also where the foam roller really hates me.  My glutes are so knotted when I foam roll I wonder if they are actually more the reason why that connection is hurting, so I’ve been foam rolling them a lot trying to work it out, along with the rest of my legs and IT bands.
So this week I’ve been focusing on cardio via the bike and elliptical, also getting in a solid strength training workout on Thursday night.  I started one on Tuesday but it fell apart after the bosu slipped right out from under me on the floor while I was doing a forward lunge and I smashed my knee into the hard floor.  OUCH!  The bruise is nasty and still very tender a week later.  I took a yoga class on Sunday morning and the bruised knee definitely didn’t appreciate quite a few moves- frog for example.  It simply wasn’t happening.
Although I have given my legs plenty of non-running rest including some serious stretching with yoga, they don’t really feel any better.  And this was after last week with several rest days, hoping it would help with the hamstring.  I’m worried I may need to suck it up and see a doctor over it, but I’m not sure what they could tell me other than to rest and drive less.  I’m worried I may need to skip the Harrisburg half to keep myself from falling into full blown injury mode afterwards.  I’ve worked really hard and have been smart about how I built up my mileage slowly- this shouldn’t be happening! 
Suggestions or advice would be appreciated! <3

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  1. What a fun trip, even with the storm. We'll just have to go back! ;-)