Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale

note: I wrote this entry Monday night- just edited it and posted Tuesday morning.

I'm in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL right now for a work conference.  And today has been incredible...and overwhelming.  Fair warning readers: this will be a post about me getting complimented.  If this bugs you.... I'm sorry but I want to write about it.  Just don't read this post if you don't want to. lol

So my day started oddly with some random business traveler hitting on me in the security line joking that we were Southwest A-list because we were the "beautiful people" while he stared at my boobs.  Weird and creepy but whatever. 

Then I got to the gate with my colleagues and the awkwardness surrounding my weight loss began.  Immediately it was everything from "you look amazing" to "wow, I can't believe you are still losing" to "You need to stop, you are wasting away!"  Although everyone said I looked great, the wasting away or some variation of it kept rearing it's head all day.  Some people were REALLY insistent that I stop losing weight and it kind of hurt.  That person has a lot weight to lose herself so I think it's just plain jeaulousy.

I am really trying not to let this mess with my head.  I'm just keeping focused on continuing to eat healthy and exercise and the weight will keep coming off till my body is done.  Yes, I have 20 lbs left.  Not just to reach a healthy BMI, but to also reach a healthy body fat % (hopefully!).  Trust me, people- I am not too skinny.  Please- if you are a friend and tell me this, expect that I will get annoyed at you.  In fact, please just don't say these words to me, because they aren't true on a health level.  While you may have good intentions and mean well, those words are harmful to my progress right now. lol.  I've given you fair warning!

The flight to FL was quite entertaining, though.  Never in my life have I ever been grateful that I was sitting in the middle- but today I was.  I volunteered to sit in the middle because my coworker is very overweight and I could relate and empathize with how she felt.  I used to hate having to sit next to a stranger because you aren't able to just stay in your own seat at that weight.  So I saved a row and she sat in the window seat and lets just say we were cozy.

A really nice guy sat down on the outside seat and I immediately noticed his neon yellow Nike's as running shoes.  So what do I do?  Yeah, I totally started talking to him about running.  Did you have a doubt? Turns out he likes short distance running and plays collegiate baseball.  Freaking cool!  We talked a lot about fitness, baseball, running, Adrian, his x-gf, life, and on and on.  We talked the entire flight with no real breaks in conversation.  It felt oddly liberating and refreshing.  In case you haven't noticed I love talking about anything fitness related and to be able to talk with somebody about fitness for that long on what would have otherwise been an uncomfortable flight was awesome!  It didn't hurt the guy was hot. Just saying.  What do you expect, he's a baseball player!

I didn't take this picture, but it looked like this about 6:30 am this morning

So, hopefully more good things to come from Ft. Lauderdale this week....I'm off for a full day of meetings and work.  Don't feel too jeaulous because it was already 85 deg at 6:30 am this morning with nearly 100% humidity. ewww.  Right next to the water though, it was beautiful! :)

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  1. You will never have to worry about me telling you to stop losing weight, but sorry, I refuse to stop staring at your boobs ;-)